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Funny thing is, I LOVE to write!

It feels super presumptuous to have a blog. It assumes there are people that might be interested in anything I'd have to say...and that's not likely true. So... invisible person that might be reading this or any future blog post, let's make a deal. I'll write as though no one will ever read this and you? Well, you just do what you do! Should you find amusement or any other feeling in what I write, well that brings me much joy. And let's face it, joy is what my whole world is about.

The funny thing is, I love to write. Prior to this new version of a music career began, I would write constantly. Just willy nilly things that I would later turn into somethings, or sometimes entire songs that needed almost nothing to be completed. The point is, I wrote. I wrote to work out a thought, or a feeling or to express something that seemed inexpressible (I'll show you-feeling that can't be spoken!). What I've recently come to realize is two-fold. The first fold being that I hate to do things I have to! I RAIL AGAINST the machine with great angst. I find myself knowing that I have things that need to be written, expressed, realized...and I. Just. Don't. Do. It. The second part of my folded realization, is that I lack discipline where no one is there to measure it. And that, my friends, is a sobering and in-your-face mirror talk all in of itself.

So here's what I've decided to do, and this is where you come in. I am going to fall in love with the discipline of writing for me and just because I said I would. I owe that to the me that I have become. So, here we this forest filled with promise, where the leaves of responsibility fall solely on me, and the scent of new, dewy, delicious lyric winds out of the thick wood and into the world of those who smell them. Because the funny thing is...I love to write.

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