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With power, passion and a voice that grabs the audience and doesn't let go, Alesia XO brings a high-energy, live show that engages audiences long after she leaves the stage. 

Alesia XO will make you feel like you're the only one in the room and she is singing just to you. With her rock and roll, blue-eyed soul brand and style, she gives it all she's got and then some.

It is the audience that moves Alesia XO in every performance. Her love of people and need to connect drive her and inspire her in her performance and in her writing.


Finding a muse in every moment, it is the human-ness of all of us that fuels her lyrics. Alesia XO finds perfection in what others call


imperfections. With a tilted view of the world, Alesia XO finds joy in every moment and with a dichotomy that is perfectly her, she writes about all aspects of the human condition and emotion, which may not be interpreted as joyous to some.


Having found a wonderful writing partner in Steve Dole, Alesia XO brings a voice and the lyrics to Dole|Humphries' original music, collaborating with several other musicians as well.

Not just a pretty face, Alesia XO has a magnetic personality that absolutely shines, maybe even sparkles. She brings you in, embraces you and shares the joy!

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